Guru Productions

Guru Productions was founded in 2002 by managing Director Trevor Cochrane as a media business specialising in TV programs and publications. The first TV series Trevor created was The Garden Gurus, starting as a local WA only TV series it has now evolved into a nationally broadcast series of more than 500 episodes, produced in WA for the Nine Network.

Other long running programs have followed including Delish on Seven 2 nationally and Explore, a travel program, which has been filmed internationally in 35 countries, now seen in over 100 countries.

Our newest series Destination WA is now Western Australia’s most popular daytime program filmed across WA following on from the tremendous success of the first series. Via our New York based program distributor Big Media, Destination WA is now distributed to more than 100 countries internationally.

Today Guru Productions is the only West Australian independent production company producing content for national audiences on commercial free-to-air television in Australia, employing West Australians.

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Why Choose Us

We are an editorial focused program producer that works with stakeholders to communicate messages as part of editorial stories. The stories are designed to educate and motivate viewers to engage and embrace the messages presented.

We offer the unique opportunity to work with the producer (Guru Productions) to develop the storyline in a collaborative approach that crafts stories designed to achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders, something unique in television.

We continue to liaise with our stakeholders at every stage of the project even after each story is broadcast to continue support via our website, YouTube channel, social media.

All produced clips would be made available for reuse at public events and via online mediums such as web sites and social media.

Our TV Programs

We have created terrific opportunities to promote your business your way via one of our TV shows!
Enjoy outstanding product and brand recognition and demand through exposure working with Guru Productions. The expert endorsement and credibility of our presenters will drive awareness and consumer support.
A product featured in an intentional way as a new release, solution to a common problem or as good alternative to traditional products. The product features include 6 key benefits and features endorsed by the presenter. The stories are also placed on our website allowing visitors to see the story on demand.

Destination WA

Destination WA celebrates everything great about Australia's largest state. It's strong focus is on entertainment, excitement, travel and what makes WA the greatest place to live on the planet. Each week the team travel across the state attending events, visiting unique sites, discovering the incredible indigenous culture and celebrating the unique spirit that makes Western Australia an amazing place to live.

Our State On A Plate

A new West Australian based food program concept focused on our unique local produce, meeting primary producers and inspiring viewers with amazing mouth watering recipes to be cooked up in your own kitchen. Featuring Theo Kalogeracos, 5 times World Pizza Champion, respected former Sunday Times food critic Gail Williams and food tragic Lee Steele.

The Garden Gurus

The Garden Gurus show was launched in 2003 and has proven to be one of the most popular sites for Australian gardeners and homeowners. Every week thousands of Fact Sheets are downloaded from the Explore website with information on sponsor products and services. The Garden Gurus is a dedicated gardening program produced by Guru Productions and broadcast on the Nine Network.

Explore TV

The Explore TV show was launched in 2007 and is a travel show that has already visited 35 countries. It is telecast in over 100 countries. New series kicks off during 2015 on Nine. Come on a journey and explore the globe with Trevor Cochrane and the team. From the culinary to the cultural, relaxation to high adrenalin. We promise to open your eyes, inspire your minds. And show you the world like you've never seen it before.


Greenfingers is a program dedicated to Western Australian gardens, helping viewers create garden success in a unique and challenging climate. Through practical garden projects, Greenfingers provides its audience insight on gardening by solving common garden problems specific to Western Australia.


Edible gardening is the hottest trend sweeping the world today. Growing your own fresh produce from the home garden is healthier, more rewarding and brings the most succulent flavour to the home table, not to mention the cost savings of home grown fresh produce. We will show you how to get the best results from your backyard edibles.

The Garden Guru Magazine

The Garden Guru Magazine is a unique, seasonal lifestyle publication focused on gardening, food, travel and the environment.

Each issue features practical and inspiring advice from a diverse team of passionate experts. Discover new plants and products, pick up new gardening trends, learn top water saving tips and sustainable ideas and re-cap stories from the The Garden Gurus’ program. You’ll always find something new, something useful and something to brighten even the dullest day.

Delivered in a comprehensive yet easy to understand format,The Garden Guru Magazine is perfect for everyone from complete beginners to expert green thumbs.