Our Work

Guru Productions specialises in producing lifestyle television programs for broadcast in Australia on the Nine Network and has been for over 25 years.

The Garden Gurus

Join host Trevor Cochrane and The Garden Gurus team, as they demystify gardening and show you just how easy it is to create the garden of your dreams. This show highlights innovation in plant breeding, development of new environmentally friendly gardening products and services that help improve the home environment whilst reducing any negative impact on the environment we all live in and share.

Explore TV

Trevor Cochrane and friends travel around the world sharing off the beaten track travel destinations, tips and hints. In this series, the Explore team travels to  Canada on the most amazing culinary tour, visit New Zealand and discover unique landscapes and wildlife, get immersed in the popular Korean food culture which is in so much demand around the globe, and journey to back in time revisiting a dark period -- WWII history in Thailand, as well as discovering a hidden paradise nearby.

Delish Destinations

Delish Destinations features international traveller Trevor Cochrane as he shows the most amazing food experiences from across the globe. From primary producers to fine-dining restaurants, wineries and distilleries, markets and more, he shares with you the most delicious food experiences to look out for when you travel abroad. Visiting countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Indonesia and Thailand, Trevor shares his passion for great food and introduces you to the places you just have to visit when looking for an amazing food experience whilst travelling abroad.

Destination WA

This series explores Australia’s amazing, ancient rugged landscapes whilst showing off some of its best kept holiday experiences.  Hosted by Trevor Cochrane, Christina Morrissy, Carmen Braidwood and friends, this series travels tens of thousands of kilometres across Western Australia, the most isolate place on the planet, an area almost a third of the total Australian continent yet home to a fraction of the country’s population. Featuring incredible Aboriginal cultural experiences, 50,000-year-old art works, the most spectacular beaches, biodiversity hotspots and the unique friendly nature of the people from this part of the world, this is an eye opener for anyone wanting a holiday with a real difference.

Our State on a Plate

This series features chefs passionate about local produce turning it into inspiring meals. Along the way our expert presenters share edible gardening tips, visit primary producers and fisherman, dispel food myths with Dr Shy and showcase the superfoods you should be including in your daily diet. This series travels to locations across Western Australia the world’s most pristine food environment and supplier of the world’s finest grains, meats and dairy in a discovery of all things gastronomically great.

Delish From Garden To Table

Delish is dedicated to promoting local, fresh produce and targeted to inspire viewers to look for the right produce and turn it into amazing meals. Delish is hosted by Russel Blaikie and Scott Taylor, two award-winning and talented restauranteurs who are extremely passionate about the Australian food industry and showcasing just how great our produce is and what makes it so special. Together, the duo will travel to meet the producers and tell their stories, collect the produce and take it to the kitchen creating ‘Delish’ recipes paired with the perfect wines, craft beers, spirits and ciders. Delish is designed to help viewers learn about where our food comes from and what goes into delivering the world’s best quality produce with easy to recreate yet incredible recipes for the home cook.